WhatsApp : A vulnerability allows access to your phone with a missed call

Credits Alfredo Rivera via Pixabay CC

Christened Pegasus, and designed by the israeli firm NSO, the dreaded spyware is known since several years already, but it redoes to speak about him today. Thanks to the exploitation of a security flaw on WhatsApp, the spyware allows a malicious user to access the camera and the microphone of the target, but also to its location data, mails, messages, or files. All with a modus operandi that is particularly simple, since the software in question is capable of installing on phone target thanks to a simple call via WhatsApp, and it works even without a response from the recipient.

A problem of size, which has obviously pushed the leaders of WhatsApp to react. After you have secured the flaw responsible of the problem, the application then asked her some 1.5 billion users of update the application without delay. Discovery at the beginning of the month of may, after the attack of a british lawyer specializing in the defense of the rights of Man, the flaw would have already resulted in the hacking of multiple phones in close to 45 countries. Several journalists and political dissidents would be affected. In a recent news release relayed by the Financial Times, WhatsApp has explained that the attack in question was mainly aimed at “working with some governments to provide for their spyware”, officially to hunt down political opponents, and the fight against terrorism and crime.

Discovered for the first time in 2016, spyware Pegasus had already been involved in the attack of Ahmed Masoor, an activist for the rights of Man emirati. Two years later, in 2018, the spy software of NSO was more than a dozen journalists and investigators while they were working on, a scandal involving the president of mexico.