Why photos of stars are used by the NYPD to identify suspects ?

The use of facial recognition within the new york police can bring to a debate. But using the photo of a famous actor to stop a suspect who, apparently, like him, seems really questionable.

According to a report released Thursday by Georgetown University, and echoed in The Guardian, the new york police would have used images of Woody Harrelson in order to identify a suspect who looked like her, according to some witnesses.

A rough use strongly condemned by Clare Garvie from the University of Georgetown, which indicates that ” the issue is too important in criminal investigations to rely on information that is unreliable or erroneous. “

Already 2900 arrests have been made, thanks to facial recognition. But is it being used wisely ? Nothing is less sure.

The report from Georgetown University highlights the methods used by the NYPD for arrest is very questionable. As well, the new york police had also detained a bank robber using the picture of a basketball player of the Knicks.

Of course, the NYPD says not to use the facial recognition in an abusive way. The Sergeant Jessica McRorie defends its service, indicating that this technology was rather a way to generate leads from simple testimony, and in no case a way to arrest suspects without a more in-depth inquiries.

Despite the words of the new york police, one remains, let’s face it, a little sceptical about the use of such methods. If the technology is currently being used almost everywhere in the United States, some of them decide finally to ban against such practices. Thus, San Francisco became the first u.s. city to ban the use of easy recognition within the police.