With the 5G, our data consumption could go up to 200 Gb per month by the year 2025

The 5G is coming soon and it should change our uses… but most importantly dramatically increase our mobile consumption, according to the predictions of the telecom equipment Ericsson identified by 01net.

The estimate of Ericsson about the use of data

According to this study of Ericsson, our consumption of data is going to explode in the coming years, in particular because of the 5G and new uses that will emerge, such as the democratization of augmented reality or virtual, or the use always most constant of cloud-based solutions, such as Shadow or Stadia of Google for the video game.

Thus, the study of Ericsson expects that about one in five users would consume close to 200 Gb of mobile internet by 2025. This could rise even higher in countries that are already extremely consumer data, such as South Korea, whose average monthly consumption is estimated to be 250 Gb in 2025.

Yet, in spite of data consumption in a net increase favored by new uses, and Ericsson expects that our time online should not increase more than that. If our consumption data should, in turn, actually increase, this is mainly because the consumption of video in higher resolutions could explode, and that the augmented reality is extremely consuming in data. Ten minutes of AR only per day would be sufficient as well to use around 50 Gb in a month.

If we talk about a lot in our columns of smartphones 5G, the people surveyed by Ericsson seem especially to anticipate a revolution on the side of other uses and other products (objects connected etc).

“Consumers report clearly that they think that the smartphones will probably not be the only solution for the 5G “, says Jasmeet Singh Sethi, director of the ConsumerLab of Ericsson.