Xiaomi launches Mi Air Purify 2S in France for 150 euros

Filtration 360° and three layers to eliminate dust, pollen, and odors

Thanks to a design pressure of air in tower “, the Mid Air Purify 2S provides a purification in rooms of a surface area of up to 37m2. His filter, cylindrical 360° 3-layer combines a triple function :

  • the outer layer filter large particles suspended in the air such as dust, dirt and hair ;

  • the intermediate layer, filter the air pollution by eliminating 99.7 percent micro particles to eliminate dust, pollen, fumes and odors including those of the animals ;

  • the inner layer, made of activated carbon of high quality, effectively eliminates the formaldehyde and other harmful substances.

Intelligent control for a purification custom

The Mid Air Purify 2S can be remotely controlled through the application Mi Home. Thus, we can check the quality of the air within, regardless of where we are, knowing also the temperature and humidity and adjust the fan power according to their desires and needs. The application can also send notifications related to the quality of the air. The purifier Xiaomi is also compatible with Google Wizard and Amazon to Alexa.

The best price for the Mid Air Purify 2S

Last Amazon price update was: may 26, 2019 15:44