Zahia Dehar : “there has never been a cosmetic surgery”

Zahia Dehar is far from being that which you believe. It leaves behind the huge scandal of which she was the victim with the team of France of football when she was only 17 years old. Today, ten years after, she just made her first red carpet. Fashion designer, influenceuse, a fashion icon Jean Paul Gaultier… Zahia is back on the front of the stage as an actress, in the latest film by Rebecca Zlotowski, A girl easy. A feature film selected for directors ‘ Fortnight for Cannes film Festival.

It was at this time that she and the director have granted an interview to the Parisien. Asked about body modifications which her character, Sofia, was used, Zahia has insured that I never had cosmetic surgery. “I would say that it has never had cosmetic surgery, “she continued. “You play on the words. If we are talking about small arrangements on the face…“replies Rebecca Zlotowski. “Yes, but I’ve never had surgery done ! Since I was 16 years old, even before the injections, everyone believed that I had done cosmetic surgery, “laments the actress. Actually, when you see old photos, we note that Zahia has used various injections on the face.

A girl that is easy tells the story of Sofia, a young woman who has an affair with a very wealthy man in exchange for a bit of luxury. “It is true, it has similarities with Sofia : it was the same desires of freedom and the same taste for adventures. This excited me to play a woman who resists the expectations and restrictions of society, “says Zahia in Paris. An opportunity for the actress to remember that it is assumed, whatever happens : “Why does my image would be troublesome ? If it pleases me and gives me pleasure…

Find the interview of Zahia Dehar and Rebecca Zlotowski in the pages of the Paris of the may 20, 2019.