4G : This site lets you know if you are lucky with your subway line

Millions of people fly each year the lines of the paris metro. For many travellers, the time spent in transportation is not a pleasure, especially in the case of extreme heat, as is the case at this time. In order to look after during their journey, many of them are trying to surf the web with their smartphones and a connection 4G.

Unfortunately, it is very common to lose literally his connection, or from falling Edge from one station to the other. But this inconvenience is in fact dependent on your trip ! The site Zone5G is based on figures published by ARCEP for us to deliver the areas better off in terms of connection.

Among the 16 lines that make up the network, it is the line 1 (La Défense Grande Arche / Château de Vincennes), which is a lot better. So much the better for the many tourists who take it for a walk on the Champs Elysée and their surroundings. The last of the class are represented by 7b (Louis Blanc-Pré-saint-Gervais), one of the least crowded and the line 3, which is considerably more popular.

The graphics are pretty accurate and make it possible to see the stations that are dropping the connection, but also which operator is doing the best. In this game-here Free is last.

The site did the same thing on the four lines of the metro of lyon and the two lines of its counterpart in marseille. The conclusion is without appeal : The connectivity is very limited, or even incomparable with that of Paris. The 4G is not yet deployed.

France is a delay significant enough on the subject. You will understand, it is better to have a good book on self !