5G : the next catalyst for Apple ?

The case is being heard, Apple will not look to pass the train of the 5G because of Intel. Qualcomm is going to put the future iPhone to the level of its competitors on Android. IPhone and iPad 5G, but why not also for Mac ?

One can advance the hypothesis that the 5G will be the opportunity of a profound renewal of the ranges of hardware from Apple, with the passage of profits on its sales.

Unsurprisingly, Apple has remained silent on its intentions regarding the use of the 5G. The press release announcing the end of hostilities with Qualcomm addresses the multi-annual nature of the agreement. For 6 years, even 8 if it is extended, Apple gets a license on the technologies of its partner. He will deliver processors for many years.

When 20 years ago the Wi-Fi has entered the sphere informatique grand public, Apple was a pioneer in its use. With the 5G it’s the whole mobile industry, which is already set in motion, there are terminals, compatible with Samsung, Huawei, OnePlus, Oppo, LG… Of the operators, in South Korea, the United States and this week in the United Kingdom, have launched their commercial offerings.

The first tests of speed are enticing… much more than the subscription packages. In the uk EE, a package 5G with 10 Gb monthly cost £54 (60 €) and for 120 Gb it is £74 ($83). In France, the launches will start next year.

In summary, it is gone, it is bubbling but it will have to wait until next year for the 5G, a phase wider. In the meantime, the subject is in the air, and Apple will have a new range of iPhone in a few months… (probably ?) without the 5G inside. At least that is what the rumours have all advanced : 2019 will be a year “without” for the 5G iPhone.

In an informal poll on iGen, 66% of voters don’t consider the 5G as a decisive criterion for their next iPhone. It must be said that some are still waiting for a good coverage of 4G…

But at the time of the purchase, the prospect of investing hundreds of euros in a phone that will not be able to enjoy a brand new type of network could dampen the enthusiasm. We’re not talking about spending for phones up to 150 €.

In view of the rumors of more and more accurate , which surround the next iPhone, he draws a portrait in which the main change for the user will be the camera part. As for the competition sum, where the prowess of photographic are always more astounding, with differences less clear than before between the major brands.

One is never safe from surprises, but the details that come out of these rumours of the iPhone does not give the feeling that we are moving towards a rupture, as was the iPhone X. what can be curb the enthusiasms ?

At the end of April, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo was counting on 65 to 70 million new iPhone generation sold the end of 2019, compared to 70/75 million for their successors to the end of 2020. And that was before the United States does not raise even the tone against China, with all that this may have an impact on the sales of Apple in Asia.

So, let’s do the bet that the next great technical renewal and physical of the iPhone, one able to trigger a true cycle of purchase and replacement, will be done for 2020, the year of the 5G.

It is also 2020, which has been given for the beginning of the rocking of the Intel processors on the Mac to Arm chips designed by Apple. Laptop computers with wondering what that could retain them provide also a cellular connection, especially if Apple manages to do better than Intel in terms of control of energy expenditure.

Between a hardware platform iOS, which diffuses into the Mac and iOS software that will go on macOS, this would be the devil that Apple does shakes not more the MacBook on the network part.

A few days ago, Qualcomm, yet it, was unveiled with Lenovo joint work around a first PC equipped with 5G and generous self. Its launch will be early 2020.

Put the cell in a laptop PC has nothing new but Apple has never shown interest in the matter, except in ancient times. In the absence of having been at the forefront of the 5G as it has been with the Wi-Fi, Apple could take the opportunity to transform some of its products. The iPhone because it is a natural evolution that use the latest networking standards, and the Mac because this will be an opportunity to bring new uses for mobility.