A dinner almost perfect : Mary Paul of the ADP is working on a rival

Via a post to Facebook, she is taken to the winner of the program, whether it had not been a participant very pleasant. And the way it has communicated this information has provided, by elimination, to know the identity of three of the losers (out of five), of which it is part.

I took pleasure to do this show (which was recorded the week of 13/10/2018). Everyone was pleasant, good atmosphere except with the winner, who frankly did not deserve to win and who has behaved badly with me and Kim. Aggressive and vulgar… of course, my affinities were with Flo Ferrato and Kim also, I liked… after the other 2… no comment… but hey, this is the game… and we still laughed. It is a good experience, and I embrace strong Flo, Kim and Océane his girlfriend… I think you’ll laugh… Good show…“, she wrote.