A giant squid sighted for the first time in us waters

The giant squid has often maintained the myths and other stories of sailors, but few people have seen it in action. The majority of specimens collected and observed were after being stranded on the coasts. It must be said that the animal, particularly stealth and fast, is elusive. In fact, the first images of such an animal in its habitat date back to 2012, and from japanese scientists.

The opportunity to discover a huge creature, the size of which typically ranges between 10 to 13 meters, that can swim in all directions thanks to a powerful propulsion system. We therefore understand that she has been able to fascinate writers of yore, who saw in it a terrifying predator.

The oceanographer american Edith Widder hunt the animal for a moment. This researcher of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOOA) has developed a special camera for the attract. In effect, this last, called Medusa, which mimics the defense mechanism (bioluminescent) of invertebrates on which it feeds. She confided to the Washington Post on this work.

“It is extremely difficult to film a squid giant in its natural habitat, so difficult, in fact, that no one had reached before 2012. […] We criions all ; other people have started running in the lab and we were trying not to annoy us. In science, we must be careful not to make illusion “

After many expeditions in vain in us waters, the persistence of Widder and of the 23 members of his team has paid off. Believer a glimpse of medusa, the beast out of the darkness to take hold of it with its gigantic tentacles. Understanding that she was wrong, she fled quickly.

This observation rare shows that a specimen is young, of a size between 3 and 3.7 meters. It was made at 759 metres depth, approximately 160 km off the coast of New Orleans. An exceptional meeting !