A “patch” to install macOS Catalina on the old Mac

All of the Mac compatible with macOS Mojave are compatible with macOS Catalina, that is to say, all the machines produced in the last seven years, or almost. As usual, Collin “dosdude1” Mistr publishes a ” patch that will install macOS Catalina on machines even older, however at the cost of few sacrifices.

Attention : in this preliminary version, the “macOS Catalina Patcher” is still largely incomplete, and does not take any action to resolve potential compatibility problems. Only machines capable of reading volumes APFS are supported, and only after you have entered the command sudo nvram boot-args="-no_compat_check" in the Terminal before the installation.

You are neither a developer, nor a do-it-yourselfer ? Wait patiently for the return to school, the finalization of macOS Catalina, and the availability of a stable version of the patch. This small utility extends compatibility to macOS Catalina to the Xserve and Mac Pro early 2008, MacBook Pro and some iMac early 2008, the MacBook Air, and MacBook aluminum late 2008, Mac mini and MacBook of early 2009.

Before you cry ” planned obsolescence, understand that this patch is not a miracle solution, and shows why Apple has abandoned some of the machines over the years. The transition to ” 64-bit “, started since more than a decade, eliminates the 32-bit processors. Most importantly, graphics acceleration, and Metal, which make our latest machines if fluids, are too demanding for graphics cards of the 2000s.