Adil Rami denies any abuse… Pamela Anderson reply and balance its 06 !

After new accusations of violence made by Pamela Anderson on the site of his foundation, the footballer has received the support of his ex-girlfriend, Sidonie Biémont, the mother of his twins of 2 years, Zayn and Madi. This Saturday June 29, 2019, he published a long message on Instagram to deny bulk of such violence.

Hi, everybody. Well I have no choice, I’m sorry, begins the player of 33 years. I kept silent because I am shocked and it is super difficult to speak without that you interpret every word. But I have too many things on the heart. I’ll make it simple and super clear, and as I’ve already said I’m not going to comment on the details of our lives with Pamela. I want to tell you that these accusations of abuse are completely false and I can’t let this go. I hallucinates so it is serious. Those who know me know who I am and my values. They know that it is impossible and that I am unable to. If she wanted to touch me, she chose well. She knows that my commitment to the cause of the violence made to women is something really important for me. I respect people too much Solidarity the Women that I have met and this fight ! It’s really disgusting.

Adil Rami is actually engaged with the Fédération Nationale Solidarité Femmes, for which he has been involved in Fort Boyard. The episode just aired by France 2 on Saturday. However, the very serious charges brought by Pamela Anderson are not without consequence. Solidarity-Women announced on Thursday, in a press release, put an end to his partnership with Adil Rami : “The FNSF applies the principles of intervention with women victims of violence who are listening and believe in their word. The FNSF has therefore decided to suspend the cooperation for future actions with Adil Rami, in the expectation of clarifications and supplementary information concerning the statements of his ex-girlfriend.