Adil Rami, his double life : the response of his ex-Sidonie, with heavy innuendo

Tuesday, June 25, 2019, the breakup of Pamela Anderson and Adil Rami has made the headlines and shocked their fans. It must be said that in addition to announcing their separation, the hollywood star has accused the footballer of having led a double life and be shown to be threatening with it. After the player of the OM has responded to these attacks, it is his ex-girlfriend, Sidonie Biémont, with whom he had two children, twins Zayn and Madi (2 years and a half), who took the floor.

Wednesday, June 26, the stunning brunette has posted a text on Instagram. Here it is, as is : “When one is in love, one is often blind and deaf. We cling to everything, at the slightest sign or interpreter, we over-react, you leave the place to the big lies ? When one is in love, one wants to believe more than anything, we dream that one day family will be reunited, it is said that it was right to choose this person for half, it idealizes… we apologize, we forgive, we are minimizing… and Then one day you wake up broken and dark. I was very in love with Adil. My priorities have always been my two loves : Zayn and Madi, they will remain. My greatest wish is to inculcate Honesty and Self-Respect.” A message that was not written by a media adviser, but with the heart.

Contacted by our care, Sidonie Biemont indicated that she did not wish to enter into the details of his private life in order to protect her children. But, when she recalls the “big lies” of Adil Rami in his text, it is of course, a reference to the double life of the athlete and what he has implemented, subterfuge, and beautiful statements in order to maintain the idea of a final return with it. Pamela Anderson had a saw just by writing yesterday : “He has lied to all the world. How is it possible to control the heart of two women like this ?

Anyway, the page is definitively turned to Sidonie Biemont. That is why it uses the past and writes : “I was very in love with Adil.” Now, the beautiful brunette wants to go to the front, draw a line on this story for his children.