Affinity Publisher : the final version of the DTP will be available on June 19,

The final version ofAffinity Publisher will be available on June 19. The DTP, the third module of the suite, a creative studio Serif (after Photo and Designer) will cost 54,99 € — a perpetual license, you buy it once and that is all, as with other applications of the editor. The users will then interim updates for free until version 2.

Last August, Serif released the first public beta of its new software which it is the ambition to challenge the big boys installed for a long time. Since then, the developers have made a number of changes and new features : support hyperlinks, objects pinned, the arrows with a triangle, the nesting of models, and even the import of docx files ! That is to say.

The beta-testers will receive a special discount bringing the price of the final version to 38,99 € (until June 19). They can even open documents created in the beta in the final (phew !). For the time being, Serif does not mention price “bundle” with the three pieces of software together. Each module cost 54,99 €, we will not.

To install the software on a Mac, it is necessary to have a machine with an intel Core 2 Duo 64 bit (2007 and beyond), 2 Gb of RAM, 1 Gb of storage and Mac OS 10.9 Mavericks minimum.