Agathe Auproux : Pose sensual in jersey and the natural

In the beginning of spring, Agathe Auproux ‘m enjoying the nice weather under the beautiful sun of Corsica. The ex-columnist of the Key not at my post (C8) that has caused a sensation Wednesday, June 5, posing in a bathing suit blue, we revealed the price, delighted once again to his followers Thursday, June 6, at the unveiling in another room, white this time. The pretty brunette, who had all the air of a mermaid, has received an avalanche of compliments.

Agathe Auproux, relax on his couch and without makeup, revealing her beautiful curves in a swimsuit one-piece on Instagram. “A mermaid (whale) beached on the sofa“, she wrote in the caption of his photo. This sentence sounds rather funny has saddened some people who did not understand how the journalist dared to compare himself to a cetacean. Many are those who have chosen to reassure her, reminding her that she was rather part of the family of the sirens, or him writing that she was “an angel“, “a muse“. Comments that would give confidence to anyone.

The young woman, who was recently revealed to be suffering from cancer, is in vacation in Porto Vecchio, she has already been able to enjoy the beautiful beach of Santa Giulia. She even had the chance to make a sea trip.