AirPods : Apple has 60% of a market that has experienced 40% growth

In the first quarter of the year, Apple will have elapsed some 10.5 million of AirPods has been calculated to Counterpoint Research, which equals a global market share of 60% in this category of small headphones wireless.

You could have guessed without knowing these figures, it is enough to see how the sticks white Apple are visible everywhere. North America and Europe are described as the two markets where they have the wind in their sails.

iOS 13 is going to bring the audio sharing between two pairs of AirPods

This sector of the audio represented 17.5 million units on the previous quarter, and its growth is strong : 40 % more on the last three months of 2018. A quarter-on-quarter, the market share of Apple, however, has not varied, this, in fact, that Point that the attractiveness of the new range of AirPods 2 has not been as strong as expected.

Owning 60% of a market whose growth is of fire and flame, is still a position that is rather enviable. The second behind Apple is Samsung with its Galaxy Buds (150 € in France) whose Counterpoint explains that it was the first time they reached this position of strength for the promotion and marketing of the association, sometimes with the Galaxy S10.

Galaxy Buds

Then there are the headphones between 200 and 150 € (according to the promos at the time) : the Jabra Elite Active 65t and the Bose SoundSport Free. Then it falls quickly in a assortment of products cheap for a dozen of euros to other oscillating around 100 €.

The reading of data from Counterpoint shows that the criticism made to the AirPods about their price level is disconnected from the reality of the sales. This criterion is not a barrier and competitors, the most immediate of Apple are not much cheaper (also read Counterpoint : you love the AirPods for what they are, we love the Bose for the sound).

The next months will see this community continue to agitate. Counterpoint expects a reaction from Google, Amazon and Microsoft, but it may be objected that none of them is robust as Apple when it comes to selling headphones for smartphones. We would not be surprised to see an initiative of Apple in the autumn, after the update technique modest of the AirPods that occurred early this year.