Amandine Henry, captain of the Blue : “We all want to be a mum”

The world Cup of female football is coming soon ! From 7 June to 7 July 2019, Amandine Henry will be the captain of the France team to take the Blue to the victory.

Determined to become world champion, Amandine Henry has been interviewed by the magazine Gala about her personal life and in love. “It was all about being a mum but to do this, it would be necessary to stop football for a year. With this difficulty it is not easy to return to a high level after such an absence. For the moment, there is no model. It will be the first and I want to believe in it. I think motherhood can make it stronger.” In a relationship with a “coach of a football club in the lyon region“, Amandine Henry has not said much more about the identity of her mysterious boyfriend. Love, she explains : “He supports me everyday, We share the same passion for football, it helps us.”

I think motherhood can make it stronger

Without turning, the young wife of 29 years, explains that the middle of the foot is sometimes hard with women. In spite of everything, she thinks that the situation has improved since his debut in the France team in 2009. “It says a lot more our femininity that before.” She explains : “I decided to be flirtatious, to be a woman before being a footballer.” When asked if she has the impression of sacrificing his life as a woman for her career, she answers : “Yes, I want to get married, but again, I don’t know when I’ll be able to find the time to organize my wedding. It will come !

His only goal for the moment ? “Be the champion of the world !”