Amazon gets the brand the most powerful in the world, according to Kantar

The brand that is most powerful in the world? It is now Amazon says the law firm Kantar, which is published each year by BrandZ, its long-awaited ranking of the global brands more powerful. Amazon, wins two places in the ranking BrandZ compared to the edition 2018… with a brand value estimated at more than 315 billion dollars, that is +52%. This relative growth is very, very far the highest in the top 25, the second returning to Mastercard with “only “+30%. The classification as a whole is available on the website of the Financial Times.

The recipe for this acceleration ? According to the authors of the rankings, Amazon has created the “acquisitions smart”, offers an “excellent customer service” and demonstrates a “capacity to move ahead of its competitors by offering a rich ecosystem of products and services”.

Amazon is ahead by a short head by Apple and Google, respectively second and third. Fact, Facebook, 6e, is the only member of the GAFAM not to be part of the top 5. This place goes to VISA.

You can also see the good health of asian brands : Alibaba and Tencent are respectively 7 and 8, despite the bad pass of the second, which loses three places and 22% of value since 2018.

Technology, telecoms, distribution : the profile of the mega-companies of 2019

Among the top 25, there are 7 businesses operating in the technologies. Telecommunications are also well represented, with 4 companies. On the French side, there is only one company in the top 25 : LVMH, the high-powered conglomerate of luxury led by the first fortune French Bernard Arnault, who has gained 4 places.

If one makes abstraction of the environments of the technology, telecom and distribution, the company that can best is McDonalds, 9th with $ 130 billion.