Amel Bent, his beautiful declaration to her husband : “I love him too”

Guest ofAnne Roumanoff in It’s good for you (Europe 1), Wednesday 12 June 2019, Amel Bent has been promoting his new album, Tomorrow. It has delivered on his way of composing his songs. “I use a lot of my experiences and not necessarily current. I like to evoke the scars of the past… there are songs that sound just now. For example love You too, yes it is for my husband“, told the singer of 33 years.

You like it too ?“, questions Anne Roumanoff with malice. “Yes. It is pejorative too, huh ?“, smiles Amel Bent, who doesn’t want spoiling too much on his privacy. “After the rest look at us, “she says, revealing all the same be in love with her man, a certain Patrick Antonelli. “There is nothing that I know of better than the taste, as the taste of your skin. There is nothing I do better than I love you, that I love you too. There’s nothing that I’m better than the absence, the absence of your words. There is nothing that I will do it better, that love, that love, that love you too”, sings the singer in the title love You too.

The micro Purepeople, Amel Bent had said a little more about her relationship with Patrick Antonelli. In October 2017, they had also welcomed a second little girl in their life : a Hana. “Being a mum and a singer, it is a thing that I do day-to-day. On paper, I couldn’t design it, and it is for that that I put in the time to come back. (…) I have the chance not to be alone, I have a husband who is frankly awesome, and especially a dad that rocks. For the moment, it is doing well“, we had it explained. A torque balanced.