An indonesian couple has named their child “Google”

The names given to young children are sometimes inspired by the latest trends, which is not always a good idea. We can therefore expect to see grow of Arya, Sansa or of Thyrion in the years to come ! Andi Cahya Saputra and Ella Karina, however, have had an idea even more preposterous since they have decided to name their child Google.

This is the unique name that has been given to the little boy, born in the month of November last. It will not be able to use a name that is more “formal” in the future. Even more surprising, the couple explained that he was shy with other names related to the giants of the high-tech such as Microsoft, iPhone, iOS or even Windows.

Visibly disconcerted, the parents of Andi have asked him why he had made such a choice. The site Says it has reported the words of the young father.

“I said to my father, Pak, Google was a name that had much meaning, because I hope that Google will be able to help your neighbor, be a useful person to the other. “

He was also able to respond to critics, who accused him of having done this in the hope of recovering any financial compensation on the part of the firm of Mountain View.

“Some have even said that I had done it to receive the money, or for my son to be recruited by Google in the future or that its studies are paid for by the firm. “

Anyway, this choice could have submitted a few remarks held where. When her classmates don not know an answer, they can at least always ask him !