Anemone : His funeral deserted by the stars, his son explains why

On may 9, 2019, a final tribute was made to Anemone. The actress, 68 years old, died on the 30th of April, died of cancer at the age of 68 years. His funeral took place at a crematorium of Poitiers (Vienne), in this region where it was withdrawn. The wishes of the actress, and former member of the troupe du Splendid have been met, since the ceremony took place in the strict privacy of his loved ones : his family and a thirty friends sorted on the pane. Only three personalities of the cinema have made the trip : Agnès Soral, Luis Rego and his best friend, Pitch Marshall.

The fact that so few celebrities and former colleagues of Anemone had made the trip was intrigued. On the 26th of June 2019, his son, Jacob Bourguignon, has agreed to discuss this aspect in an interview with Femme Actuelle. “On the one hand, the burial was at Poitiers, so this was not so simple for the people to move. Et and then two, my mother has intentionally preferred to get away from it all. It was not showbiz or anything… in Spite of it, of course, she was in the spotlight but this was absolutely not what she was looking for“, he explains.

In fact, Anemone is always left in the shadow, not really understanding the interest to be famous. Free, different and cash, she was said to have “almost died, suffocated by the fan-club”, denouncing a “fetishism of the con”. The notoriety,it made me le”, she also let go of, in summary. Note that Anemone was angry with its partners in the Splendid, because it believed not to have affected him as much as it should have been compared to the success of the Father Christmas is a junk. “My mother has always been a woman very wild, “adds Jacob Bourguignon.

Anemone had a special relationship with her son Jacob. Lately, she had complained that her son Jacob was “boring live, who, at the age of 33, was the family home. “Jacob is rather boring to live, even if there are efforts ! […] The idea that there is bar and I am happy !“, exclaimed it in the program Search apartment or house (M6). She also explained in an interview with Closer that his son could have been called Tanguy and argued that it would have been much happier without children, and a lesbian.