Angela Merkel re-making of tremors, his health worried

On June 27, 2019, Angela Merkel has participated in an official ceremony at schloss Bellevue, in Berlin, for the assumption of duties of the new minister of Justice, Christine Lambrecht. During the event broadcast live on German television, chancellor of the 64-year-old has attracted attention because of tremors that occurred in the course of the speech of the president of the federal republic, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, that she has tried to master crossing his arms. According to a photographer from the news agency DPA present on site, this crisis of tremors lasted two minutes. It is only once allowed to make a few not that Angela Merkel has managed to make them stop.

These tremors do would be not as much of a concern if the chancellor, in office since 2005, had experienced a similar episode a few days earlier.

In fact, on the 18th of last June, while she was in Berlin the new Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelensky, Angela Merkle had shook her whole body. Stunning images that were widely circulated. The politician was quickly expressed and had put these symptoms on account of dehydration. “I drank at least three glasses of water, this is what I had obviously missed it and now I feel very well“, she explained.