Anna Nicole Smith : The gift of Larry their daughter Dannielynn

On June 5, 2019, Larry Birkhead has decided to make a gift to his little Dannielynn, whose mother is the late Anna Nicole Smith. To congratulate to pass into the upper class, he offered him tickets for the musical Hamilton. To believe the picture of her that her dad very proud posted it on Instagram, the gift seems to have really liked the 12 year old girl. “My surprise for Dannielynn with tickets @hamiltonmusical for her graduation from 5th. I think she was happy !“, comments on Larry.

Only daughter of Anna Nicole Smith, Dannielynn has not known his mother, who died on February 8, 2007 at 39 years old, when she was only 4 months, the result of an overdose of drugs. Since then, his father Larry student alone in a remote corner of the United States. “I made the deliberate choice, a very long time ago, I moved to Kentucky. (…) I did it purposely, for it does not follow, for they do not deal with curiosity, and to avoid that one invents stories“, he said in 2017 the Today Show.

In early may, Larry Birkhead had shared on his account their traditional visit to the Kentucky Derby. This horse race is organized in the month of may on the Churchill Downs, Louisville. It is there that he had met a long time ago, the mother of Dannielynn for the first time. The girl had then made a tribute to his mother by wearing one of his hats (pink of course).

In the Today Show, the reporter asked the dad if Anna Nicole Smith would be satisfied with the education it gives to their daughter. “Apart from the fact that I do not dress in pink every day, I think she would find that I do a rather good job, “he simply replied.