Apex Legends : The trailer of season 2 leak reveals a new character

Credit Respawn Entertainment

Nothing will ever be as before in the Canyon of the Kings. After the destruction of the Repulsor Tower, and the invasion of the map by the surrounding nature, the season 2 of Apex Legends promises to be muscular. Initially planned at 19 o’clock on this evening, the trailer of the presentation was especially awaited by the fans. But it was not counting the Xbox community of Apex Legends on Reddit, which was leaked yesterday evening, the two trailers official of the new season. Two videos for the price of one was identified on the Reportsthat reveal in broad outline the entirety of the new content added to the game from the 2nd of July, the date of the official opening of the hostilities on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

If we ignore for the moment that is at the origin of the destruction of the Repulsor Tower, the collapse of the latter has had serious consequences on the King Canyon. Massive creatures have now invaded the map, and it would seem that things have a relationship with the mysterious new character that we saw in the trailers were equipped with a laptop computer. It would be Crypto, the second legend is more playable to join the cast after the announcement of Wattson during the E3 2019. Not surprisingly, the two trailers also specify the arrival of new weapons, new emotes usable in free fall, as well as the parts classified, ranging from the rank bronze Apex predator, for the online leaderboards. Appointment on July 2nd to discover all of the new features ingame. In the meantime, Respawn Entertainment has also decided to publish its own trailer of season 2, officially this time.