Apple appoints a new boss of operations

There is movement this evening in the direction of Apple. Jony Ive has decided to leave the ship (but it remains in the area) ; you should also be aware that the manufacturer has named Sabih Khan, senior vice-president of operations. This veteran in Cupertino with 24 years of career, will be in charge of the supply chain of Apple, it will also ensure the product quality and oversee the planning, assembly and logistics of the company.

He will answer directly to Jeff Williams, director of operations for Apple and the right arm of Tim Cook, who also has spent its funds panties in the operations before becoming CEO. “Sabih leads our operations with the heart , “says Tim Cook. It is a leader in ” world class “, there is ” no doubt that it will be the best leader of the operations team in the history of Apple “. A hell of a compliment coming from the former director of operations of the group… and also a big pressure on the shoulders of Sabih Khan.