Apple, Google, Facebook and Amazon are in the crosshairs of the american authorities

The u.s. department of Justice examines the possibility of launching an investigation into Apple, in the context of a broader review of the practices of the giants of the technology in the United States. Yet, it is difficult to know what the Department of Justice has in mind against the Apple.

Apple is not the only company in the crosshairs of the department : Google is also concerned. And it is not finished. If the bloodhounds of the DoJ will have their hands full with Apple and Google, the FTC — the gendarme of the u.s. trade — goes on his side handle cases Amazon and Facebook, according to sources of Reuters.

This pressure occurs in a context agitated for the famous GAFA, either the United States or of this side of the Atlantic. The european Commission has companies in the digital sector in the pif, evidenced by the fines from Brussels imposed on Google, or even the investigation of the Commission itself, on Apple following a complaint to Spotify.