Apple Music : 60 million subscribers and 7 days to be excluded for 4 singles of NLP

The count of paid subscribers to Apple’s Music has reached 60 million, has stated Eddy Cue visit to Paris to Numerama. At the end of November, Apple announced 56 million (but without specifying how many were in their period of free test). A progression that continues, but Spotify remains the lord first, he who gave, in April, the figure of 100 million customers in the premium formula.

Music in macOS Catalina

Other info gleaned, Apple Music has got an exclusive on 4 new songs by the duo NLP (“Ryuk”, “Like no other”, “Siberia” and “Bang”). Two French that score, their last album sold 200,000 copies. A nice shot to Apple Music but Le Figaro says, the excluded is only a week.

While Spotify combines music and podcasts in the app, Apple has made the choice to separate the two contents, each of which is now confined in its application on all its platforms : “What are two things that are so different. You don’t listen to a podcast, and then a piece of music and then a podcast. And experience has shown us that the operation of the separate applications works very well on iOS !“, justifies the Cue.

Your Daily Drive, marriage of the podcast and the music

Spotify has taken the perfect opposite of this point of view by running discreetly in the last few months, “Your” Daily Drive”. A daily playlist, customized for each user and combining precisely to the music with a handful of podcasts of information quite short. Content to listen to on its way in the morning. The idea is seductive, but it suffers for the moment — from a French point of view at least — a content in the podcasts, mainly English-speaking. Spotify has not done advertising yet for this playlist, sign that all is not stalled.