Apple will investigate an app accused of fostering islamic radicalization

Apple has for the moment decided not to delete Euro Fatwa, an application available on the App Store in the month of April, and whose presence makes controversy. Faced with the same controversy as this app was also available on the Play Store, Google has decided to withdraw the ray of his shop. But this is not the case of Apple, in spite of serious questions from the authorities the French, british, and German, explains The National.

A spokesman for Apple stated, however, that the App Store was going to re-review the application to see if it breached the guidelines. If this is the case, Apple will notify the developer and remove the app if any (read : Any at the top of the App Store, it is Phil Schiller who has the last word).

This application is published by the european Council for fatwa and research, an islamic foundation private based in Dublin, Ireland. It was created in 1997 by a close relative of the Muslim brotherhood, Youssef Al-Qardaoui, persona non grata in France, the United Kingdom and the United States.

The application presents itself as a guide to islamic jurisprudence (Fiqh), the interpretation of the rules of the sharia. They include the edict (fatwa) issued by the Council. In fact, it would encourage especially the radicalization. Since its launch, has been held since the Fair Muslim who was held at le Bourget airport in early April, the app has climbed to 55th place in the ranking of the App Store in German (it is absent in the French collation).

In France, senator IDU Nathalie Goulet, the president of the commission of inquiry on the organization and the means of the fight against the networks jihadists in France and in Europe, has called for the prohibition of the application on all platforms. Pointing to a ” crime of naivety “, the senator from Orne, france regrets the fact that the application displays a ” anti-semitism and violent primary “.

The story reminds Absher, this distributed application in saudi Arabia allows men to police women. Apple and Google have promised to investigate on the compliance of this app compared to their guides to good practice, without that it will change much : it is still available on the App Store and the Play Store.