Apple would be local to Seattle for more than 4, 000 employees

It’s been a few years that Apple has invested in Seattle, in the State of Washington. The town in the north-west of the United States has made a name in the field of artificial intelligence and the firm of Cupertino to employ specialists who do not want to move to California. After you have purchased in 2016 Turi, a start-up specialised local in the area, and initiated a recruitment program in 2017, the company would increase to the higher speed by renting two office buildings.

The two buildings that Apple would want to hire.

According to the local newspaper Puget Sound Business Journal, Apple is in negotiations to rent about 60,000 square meters of office to two steps from the Space Needle, landmark tower of the city. These two buildings are under construction for 2017 and they will soon be exploitable. If all goes well, Apple could host 4 200 employees, says the journal.

Current 2018, it was estimated that the firm employed approximately 475 people in Seattle, so this would be a hell of a leap forward. Before this, Apple had announced that it expected to employ more than 1000 employees in the city through 2022. Suffice to say that even if the company leases the two buildings, it will take a few years to fill completely.

Map provided by Apple