Aurélie Dotremont, very rare photo without wig : “My skull revit finally !”

Last march, Aurélie Dotremont had created the surprise by evoking, in tears, her head shaved. The young woman, suffering from bulimia, has lost his hair in recent months and was forced to wear a wig. For the first time on Tuesday, 11 June 2019, it was posted on Instagram of the hair natural and explains itself.

Today there are six months, I had to cut the hair like a new-born, in places, the mower has been used. It has been the most difficult thing of my life, but I had no choice to force to colors, extensions for the past ten years. And most of all I have significant hair loss because of this disease that makes me plates on the skull. I had to find a solution to go on a shooting emergency, because I had initially cancelled Miami. The wig saved me, “said Aurélie Dotremont.

Recall that the young woman had been the target of criticism there is little. Currently in The Angels 11 in Miami, the candidate of reality tv has been mocked, because her wig was badly put to the screen. “A word to all those people who have talked about it, laughed a lot, who are looking forward… I let karma take care of your case because you don’t know what I’ve been through“, she continued.

Today, Aurélie Dotremont has almost reached “the length to return of the bands to cold to give a mass of [his] hair” and she rejoices in it : “I don’t assume my short hair, I’ve always had long hair, so I’m going to put false hair… But my skull revit finally !

Aurélie Dotremont had mentioned his illness, bulimia, for the first time in 2014. “I weigh 44 kilos for 1,62 m. I’ve never been big. Usually I weigh 48 kilos, she declared to Public. I am bulimic since the age of 19 years. One day, I’ve eaten too much and, as I was hurt, I made myself vomit. When I saw that I had the flat stomach the next day, I’m taking the game and I’ve never stopped.