Aya Nakamura : Its tube Djadja reprinted in English, the cover, amazing !

Djadja no end of hit, in France, as abroad. Already a few months after the exit of the tube, it was ranked number 1 in the netherlands, makingAya Nakamura the first francophone artist to place a title at the head of the sales since Edith Piaf. Triple platinum, Djadja now knows an international reputation, especially as Rihanna has been filmed dancing joyfully on its melody catchy.

The patron saint of the mark Fenty is not the only one to have been attracted by Djadja. A few months ago, a certain Joanna Maria Lea, a youtubeuse Polish, was a trip to Paris and discovered this huge title. “I’ve listened to this song for the first time in Paris a year ago and even though I loved it, I did not understand a word of what she sang. So I decided to translate it into English. Here is what this test gives...”, she wrote in the caption of the video of the recovery of Djadja in the language of Shakespeare.

While this video, released on may 19, 2019, has not obtained the success of the tube, Aya Nakamura, this cover is very original, liked it very much to the subscribers of the youtubeuse. In the comments section, they emphasize the cleanliness of its performance. “I’m French, and honestly you have everything torn apart ! I love it !“, “Wow, this is amazing“, “You deserve to be more popular“, it read. Aya Nakamura has not yet discovered this little gem, but one can imagine that she will be very flattered that his music influence so many talented people.