Baldur’s Gate 3 officially announced by Larian

The cérémorphose, a process apparently unpleasant© Larian

RPG Fans of the first hour, you have to expect some chills : Baldur’s Gate is back, nineteen years after the original – an eternity, in time of the video game. The announcement was made through a trailer course free of phases of gameplay, but nevertheless sumptuous.

You can see a guard from the Flaming Fist to undergo a cérémorphose, transformation following infection by a parasite which transforms into a Mind Flayer. This terrible creature was already present in the second installment , but the transformation process had never been described. A puzzle solved for the fans of the franchise, and that should not be the only one. In fact, Swen Vincke, the CEO of the studio belge, says that fans of lore will be delighted :

You will discover things that people were wondering about the lore. We will give you answers that have never been data.

A beautiful promise, and the door open to all the fantasies, for lovers of the universe of the series.

The roots of Dungeons & Dragons for an ambitious project

Larian studio works in close collaboration with Wizards of the Coast (publishers of D&D, Magic : The Gathering…), and provides a point of honor to respect the universe of the fifth edition of the board game cult.

The agreement stipulates that we comply with their lore, and that it is based on the fifth edition of D&D, otherwise we would not do it. They want to make a video game really good, which gives the improession to play Dungeons & Dragons on his computer, alone or with friends. And that is exactly what we are trying to do.

The studio imposes an obligation of result : “We will not, unless it is exactly the game that it deserves to be,” says Vincke. A new reassuring for fans who do not wish to see their license fetish sacrificed on the altar of haste, but that is not without disadvantages : the game is not in the shelter of a late important, but perfectly assumed by Larian.

We are completely dedicated to ensuring that the I is really good, and it could have an impact on the release date that we give to people,” admits the director.

In terms of gameplay, no demo for the moment. All we know is that the spirit of the game should be faithful to the one of Dungeons & Dragons, and this without any concession. The studio announces they want to create a universe particularly immersive and complete, accessible in multiplayer, and ensures to have a lot of ideas in which he still needs to do the sorting :

It’s like walking in a toy store. There are so many choices, and Wizards of the Coast has brought us ideas of gameplay all the time. It is refreshing to have so much choice, and to choose what will really suit our game video

For the wait, WotC has planned to release a board game in September, called Baldur’s Gate : Descent into Avernus; it will have the characteristic to serve as a prequel to the events of Baldur’s Gate 3. A way to give a foretaste for the fans, the more hardcore. For others, it will be necessary to follow the information to come, but don’t worry : Larian has the reputation of greatly involve its community in the creative process, as evidenced by the care they provide for their community updates. This is one of the reasons for which the announcement was made recently, although no date for final release is arrested – a practice that Baldur course, which the studio has always refused.