BeiTaAd : A malware infecting 238 applications from the Play Store Android

Credits TeroVesalainen via Pixabay CC

The information comes from the company security american computer Lookout, and she has enough to worry Android users. A few days ago, a malware by the name of BeiTaAd has been found in the code of 238 applications from the Google Play Store. With 440 million downloads combined, all of these applications, developed by the studio chinese CooTek would be particularly harmful to the terminals. Once installed on a smartphone or a tablet, the adware will be discreet during the first few days of use before it finally show ads more and more intrusive on the device.

Pop-up advertisements that appear randomly at anytime and anywhere on the home screen, when the phone is locked, or even in the midst of a telephone conversation, would be regularly accompanied by a soundtrack that is able to activate automatically no matter the place or the time. Put in business for more than seven months, BeiTaAd might as well go as far as to require a reboot of the factory of the phone, become in the most extreme cases, completely unusable because of the ads displayed. Obviously, the approach is not only machiavellian, since it allows no surprises generate significant advertising revenues for the pirates, who take advantage of a income to each advertisement aired.

Quickly warned by Lookout, Google has already announced that it has launched a large-scale deletion operation relating to the applications involved. To know the list of the 238 software infected by BeiTaAd, we advise you to go take a look on the website of Lookout. In all cases, we can only advise you to opt in the future for an antivirus worthy of the name, that you will be protected in the event of a malware attack.