Bernadette Chirac withdraws the benefit of Brigitte Macron : a page is turned

Turns a page of the very popular operation yellow Coins , which each year raises funds for children in the hospital. On June 12, 2019, the Foundation Hospitals of Paris-Hospitals of France, created in 1989, has announced that its president, Bernadette Chirac, withdrew the benefit of another first lady : Brigitte Macron.

According to the AFP, Bernadette Chirac, who was president of the foundation and led the collection of the yellow parts, since 1994, has proposed to itself the name of Brigitte Macron to replace it. The AFP states that “this decision has been unanimously approved by the board of directors“. The Foundation Hospitals of Paris-Hospitals of France, which works to improve the quality of life of children and adolescents hospitalized, including funding of the houses of parents in hospitals, makes “a tribute and warm” to the wife of former president jacques Chirac for “its twenty-five years of commitment“. Bernadette Chirac became the president of honour.

Brigitte Macron had invited Bernadette Chirac for lunch at the Elysée palace, in September 2017, and he had the surprise of bringing together the members of the staff of the palace still in post since the end of the two mandates of Jacques Chirac. These reunions were very moving that you do not view in public for months.

In January, the operation yellow Coins celebrated its 30th anniversary, it is now sponsored by the coach of the France team men football, Didier Deschamps. Each year, approximately 2 million euros are harvested.

A first lady in the first row

The entourage of Brigitte Macron told the AFP that this new function does not detract in any way from pursuing his other fights. The wife ofEmmanuel Macron has chosen to engage in “in the fight for the inclusion of persons with disabilities and the education of the children sick in the hospital, and it supports research into paediatric cancer and diseases of the brain“. Recently she took the word, to the side of the youtubeuse EnjoyPhoenix, from harassment at school and on the internet.

On June 11, Brigitte Macron has accompanied Adrien Cleat, the secretary of State in charge of the Protection of childhood, to Saint-Malo. The duo came to give a helping hand to the association The Voice of the child and to his godmother, Carole Bouquet. Together, they visited the reception unit on medico-legal pediatric of the city, as well as the room of confrontation protected to the gendarmerie, where children who are victims of violence of all kinds can be heard safely. In front of the camera to BMFTV, the first lady said : “I am extremely dismayed on these topics, so I really want to get involved and help them the most. Today is an important day. Look, you have a secretary of State, an association, a very great actress and the wife of the president. This shows you how the word of the child is that it is treated in its entirety. There are only duties vis-à-vis them and they have rights. (…) These units are the best way to collect their words with the greatest serenity possible in a situation of trauma.