Billy Drago : the Death of the actor Charmed and Incorruptible

The gangster in the face, chilling Frank Nitti, right arm of Al Capone camped by Robert De Niro, facing the squad of Untouchables led by Eliot Ness (Kevin Costner) in front of the camera of Robert de Palma ; the demon Barbas, who gives some trouble to the sisters Halliwell in the cult series Charmed : two famous people on the screen, distant from one another, which have a point in common to have been incarnated by Billy Drago. The actor, known in particular for his supporting roles of villain, died Monday, June 24, 2019 in Los Angeles at the age of 73 years.

Born November 30, 1945 in Kansas, William Eugene Burrows, Jr., his real name, had started his career as an actor at the end of the 1970s, after earning his stripes as a radio host and then within a theatre troupe. Having chosen to take the maiden name of his grandmother to avoid the homonymy with another actor, he had signed his first appearances in the cinema in the western Windwalker (in which played by the actress Silvana Gallardo, with which it was married, and had a yarn to him as an actor, Darren E. Burrows), in The Wound (with Jeff Bridges) and another western, Pale Rider, and with Clint Eastwood, in which he played the deputy Mather. Three years later, in 1987, her performance in the skin of the mobster Frank Nitti in “The Untouchables” from Brian de Palma marked the spirits.

In parallel, Billy Drago appeared in numerous tv series : in addition to Charmed and the role of the demon Barbas, present in five of the eight seasons of the show, for which he remained known, viewers were able to see in Walker Texas Ranger, X-Files or Supernatural. In parallel to his filmography rich with a hundred titles (among the last, in the year 2000, is the remake of The hills have eyes), he also participated in the clip Silent Running (On Dangerous Ground) Mike + The Mechanics in 1985, and You Rock My World of Michael Jackson in 2001.

In 2011, he spoke in an interview with The Void, the recurrence of the roles of the villain in his career and had connection with his passion for horror films and thrillers : “I like to be afraid. I try not to tell me, “Oh, a horror film”. All that I seek, this role interesting, “he said.

The Hollywood Reporter, in his article devoted to the disappearance of the actor, points out that Billy Drago was considered “an artist and a poet brave, whose work, intense, pushed away the boundaries of creativity and encouraged her peers and those who started in the middle“. Passionate about travelling, he leaves two sons and several grandchildren.