Brigitte and Emmanuel Macron : Weekend studious and very discreet at Brégançon

Unlike his predecessor, Emmanuel Macron particularly appreciates the fort of Brégançon, residence State used as the official place of resort ever since Charles de Gaulle stayed there one night in 1964. Brigitte and Emmanuel Macron have made their return to Bormes-les-Mimosas (Var), Wednesday, may 29, 2019, the end of the day. The presidential couple if there is in any discretion.

As noted by our colleagues of Var-Matin, not a photo has been taken of Brigitte and Emmanuel Macron since their arrival. There was no bath crowd like the previous weekend in le Touquet, where the couple voted for the european. “For all that, there was the animation around the fort all day yesterday [Friday, ED]. Between the curious and other interested parties, they were few to want to see Emmanuel and Bridget Macron. In vain…, “writes Var-Matin.

Provence note the presence of “police officers in shorts and T-shirt before the ultimate portal of entry leading to the fort, others to bike who patrol the wall and two Zodiac that shuttle around the island and control the boats that come too close“. We may wonder : Brigitte and Emmanuel Macron is are they all the same offered a ride in a head-to-head (without forgetting, of course, the agents charged with their protection) as they had during their lightning visit to Saint-Tropez, in December ? For the moment, everything seems to indicate that they remain at the shelter of the fort to relax a bit.

Only a little…

As stated in the communiqué of the Elysee, the president “works quietly“, on this long weekend of the Ascension, at Brégançon. This Sunday, June 2, he broke the silence to pay tribute to the philosopher Michel Serres, which we heard about the death. Emmanuel Macron welcomed a “great intellectual” in a new release of the palace : “The world has lost a great intellectual, who did shine in the philosophical tradition of French beyond our borders. The French lose a familiar face who could put his erudition at the service of all, and which, up to the threshold of his life, he sought to enlighten his knowledge and his intelligence in the life of our Nation. [He] was among the first to make the Earth an object of philosophical full, as a prelude to the taking into account, on the philosophical and political, of the vital importance of preservation of the biosphere.” The president added that “such Hermes, the God-messenger subject of many of his publications, Michel Serres clung always to turn to other fields, to build bridges between the arts and the disciplines, and to seek to open the knowledge to the greatest number“. Michel Serres was 88 years old.