Cardi B exhausted by the aesthetic surgery : “My breasts need to heal”

A fan of cosmetic surgery, the rapper Cardi B is forced to rest after recent operations, including a breast augmentation. On his account Instagram, Monday, may 27, Cardi B revealed to his fans : “You know, I hate to cancel concerts because I love the money (…). I’m addicted to the money and I get a lot of money, a lot of money for these concerts … as if I annulais millions of dollars in concerts. But as health is wealth, then I have to do what it takes : my breasts need to heal.

She also explained that even if points of the surface had healed, there were still some internal stitches that needed more time to heal. To finish, she added that she wanted to genuinely apologize to his fans.

A veteran of the scalpel

Again a couple, with the rapper Offset, Cardi B file happy days as a family with his sweetheart and her little girl Kulture Kiari. Despite all this, the 26 year old woman explained that her pregnancy had significantly damaged his body. Very close to her fans, she had explained at a concert that she had undergone a liposuction : “I’ve got news for you. I would have had to cancel today (…). I shouldn’t really be effective because moving too much will fuck up my lipo.

In may 2019, she said that she had also undergone a second breast augmentation after pregnancy. “I just redo my breasts“, she said in an interview with Entertainment Tonight. She had already done a breast augmentation at the age of 19 years.

Unfortunately, his body isn’t recovering as well and as quickly as planned. So, this week, his representative confirmed to the magazine People : “The situation has so deteriorated that she can no longer work. The doctors have told Cardi that her body really needed to recover.