Caroline Receveur : Death, disease, aggression, these events have terrified

Blow to a Carolina Receiver. Then it gives off the image of a woman confident and sure of herself, in reality, the former candidate for reality television to become a business woman living with her own anxieties. Thursday 27 June 2019, it is delivered to the heart open to its more than three million subscribers in story on Instagram.

Why when everything is going well, I’m happy, aware of my happiness, I always have this feeling that something’s gonna fall over ?“, she started. And further : “As if I didn’t deserve to be happy, to have access to happiness. So obviously I was going to morfler at a given time.” This is a feeling that the “haunting” for years and even more since she became a mother of her little Marlon, born July 6, 2018. “I am distraught because I did not take advantage of the present moment, as if the only positive thing was : ‘OK, nothing to report for the moment, “added the pretty blonde girl of 31 years old.

But the companion of the dummy Hugo Philip knows from where come these anxieties. “It is clearly the disease, which revolves around the medical and death that is terrorising me the most, lance the one who has lost his father in may of 2016, died of a long illness. I am so aware that having health is the most precious wealth, but also and especially the one we control the least, certainly for someone like me who wants to control everything, it is extremely frustrating and nerve-wracking.” Without taboo, she continues, and reveals the causes of his fears : “The illness and death of my dad, sudden death of my grandfather, my grandmother, aggression…

Now, the beautiful Caroline Receveur wants to go forward in the face of these anxieties. “The hardest part for me today is to find THE solution for the control and learn to live with without me poison, “she concludes.

Remember that his little boy will celebrate his first birthday Saturday, July 6, 2019. A beautiful day in the course of which the happy mom can, for a time, forget his fears.