Catherine and Liliane leave the antenna : the famous duo to retire !

Catherine and Liliane, it is finished ! The famous duet played by Alex Lutz and Bruno Sanches on Canal+ leaves the antenna. Now is the time to retirement for these two characters funny and endearing. With our confreres of Paris, the comedian Alex Lutz, co-author of the program and who embodies Catherine, explains this decision.

They go into early retirement, they carapatent a little…, lance-t-il. It was started in 2012 thanks to Laurent Good [producer of the Petit Journal on Canal+, editor’s NOTE], who is off to other adventures. We had a fun crazy and, after his departure, it was reinvented, because we always liked these good women.” And the comedian recalled that in recent weeks, Catherine and Liliane have traveled and can be done on the tour : “With their RTT, they were less in the office, they are parties in vacation, to Marrakech, to the mountains, went to the theatre, do sports activities.

Finally, Alex Lutz and Bruno Sanches would have been able to enjoy “another five years“. “But we said that it was time to turn the page. It is well to stop as long as there is no wear and tear, “says the actor. And the clap of the end of the famous duo will be in great pomp : “They will release a best of at Bobino on a large screen, which will be completed by interventions of Bruno and me. We are going to reinvent the skits played at the salle Pleyel.

If Catherine and Liliane retire, they are not dead so far ! “I let them continue their life in the imagination of the people, in their homes in Meudon, with their husbands, Michel and Jean-Luc… We don’t kill, ensures Alex Lutz. Their Twingo has not taken a tree. It is necessary to think that they will be fun doing the things they dreamed of doing for a very long time.

Alex Lutz and Bruno Sanches, viewers will be able to find them as soon as the next school year on Canal+ “with the same troop, but on other projects“.