Chernobyl : The creator of the series has removed a scene deemed “too creepy” for viewers

The huge success of the series Chernobyl was difficult to predict, but the spectators were not deceived. As you can see in our review, this show in five episodes transcribed accurately and realistically how did one of the worst nuclear incidents in history.

Interviewed in the columns of’Entertainment Weekly, Craig Mazin, his creator, told about his work. It is as well that we have been able to learn that an entire scene was removed, because it was “too creepy” for viewers.

It was a part of the episode four. (Spoilers) In the latter, the liquidators were ordered to rake the surrounding area to shoot the animals, in particular dogs and cats become highly radioactive at their expense. An order that has been truly given to avoid that animals will travel for miles and can be found in freedom in places inhabited.

Some viewers have had trouble with this episode, although executions are not shown. Originally, Craig Mazin and the film director Johan Renck had shot a scene far more graphic, inspired by the story of The Supplication of Svetlana Alexievitch.

“Episode 4 is difficult. The scenes with the liquidators and the dogs were very difficult to watch, for a lot of people… But this story was far worse in reality, in real life. It is a story that has been really lived, I have not invented. It is a story told in the book The supplication Chernobyl, by Svetlana Alexievitch. A story that we filmed, but it was too much. Too creepy. “

The podcast series named ” The Chernobyl Podcast “ allows you to learn a little more. Mazin explains that the scene in question shows a dog in distress, who will be buried alive with cement. But the liquidators can’t shoot it down because they have no more ammunition. It does not specify how they operate, but one imagines that the sequence would have shocked the most sensitive.

“For me it seemed unfair, almost unhealthy to show it. There is a very strange between the fact of wanting to show people something that has happened, they need to see to understand, and go too far. This limit is different for each. But judging by the reaction after the broadcast of episode 4, it seems that we were right. If we had kept this scene, I think a lot of people would have just reacted badly, saying : “You know what ? You are just being cruel now, in fact ! “

A choice that belongs to Mazin, and that we must respect. Would you have preferred that it retains this scene ?