Chernobyl : Upset by the show to HBO, Russia will produce its own series on the accident

Output in a relative indifference, the excellent series Chernobyl (our review) is now head of the rankings, IMDB, Metacritic and Rotten Tomato. Produced by HBO, it has conquered the audience with five episodes all in tension, so as to better understand the nuclear disaster of Chernobyl.

A success that Russia does not see a very good eye. It must be said that the soviet power, failed during these years, is pinned for its management catastrophic event. The surrounding populations, who have been evacuated several days after the reactor explosion, have been affected by needless levels of radioactivity very high (we’ll let you discover the rest). However, Craig Mazin, the director, also highlights the many errors typical human that led to the accident. His series is not, therefore, completely dependent.

The cold war may be over, the country has to react well. The Express tells us as well that the string of Russian NTV has already worked out a counter-series on the same subject. And the subject may be a bit tricky, because the latter wants to explain that the disaster is in fact an act of sabotage fomented by agents of the CIA. Alexei Muradov, who will carry it out has explained in an interview.

“A theory ensures that Americans had infiltrated the Chernobyl nuclear power plant and several historians do not deny that on the day of the explosion, a service agent of espionage enemies was present in the central “

A reaction that may seem far-fetched, especially in respect of an accident if documented. It was therefore eager to see what the string Russian is preparing for us, in particular, to find what are the wrongs which she accepts blame on his management of the accident. In this sense, it could provide an additional lighting interesting.