Chris Evans and Brad Pitt grow a rant against the “straight pride”

For its part, Brad Pitt has also taken a position as the organizers had decided to make him their mascot without asking her agreement. Did they in the actor of Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood the ultimate image of the heterosexual ? Anyway, the ex-husband of Angelina Jolie does not endorse absolutely not be associated with the project. As reported in the site TMZ.comthe actor has asked his lawyers to take contact with the organizers so that they stop using his name and image. In case of refusal, it reserves the right to sue.

The organizers, who want to scroll through the 31st of August, say they have decided “that a parade would be the best way to promote [their] community and its diverse history, its culture and identity“, adding that they wanted the city to choose “to embrace tolerance and inclusion“. They seem to forget that the Pride parade is an opportunity for an oppressed minority to defend its rights and to claim the equality, the tolerance, the end of discrimination, etc.

As a reminder, on our side of the Atlantic, the figures of homophobia, lesbophobia and transphobia are alarming. In 2018, 1378 offences homophobic have been registered by the police against 1026 in 2017, an increase of 34.3%. Nearly one-third of them (30%), it is of physical violence, including sexual, of reminds The World.

Thomas Montet