Cindy (Koh-Lanta 2019) pregnant and soon to be bride : “What a mess !”

The finalist of Koh-Lanta 2019 Cindy has not won 100 000 in game, but it has gained much more. On may 26, 2019, on the occasion of Mother’s day, it was announced to be pregnant with her first child. His mate Thomas and she will host in the next three-four months a little girl. And that’s not all ! The lovebirds have also planned to get married as the beautiful blonde 31-year-old announced live on TF1 Friday, June 21, 2019, at the final of the issuance of adventure.

It is a dream that I saw, Koh-Lanta convinced me of the fact that the family and friends that is the most important and it is true that on the way home, what a nice surprise ! He had anticipated her request, and then the reunion was very warm, huh, “said the rival of Maud. Cindy and Thomas, therefore, are in full preparations and, on Instagram, the young woman did not hide that this was not simple.

Preparations for the wedding. It was validated that the place for the time being“, she first wrote in story Instagram, Monday, June 24. She then shared a video with the caption : “The wedding, what a mess.” You can hear him ask his companion what was the total budget of their dream wedding. “32 900 euros“, said Thomas. Cindy he was then reminded that she had not won the € 100 000. Remains to be seen if they will ignore some of the details, or if they will offer anything they wish.

Interviewed by Purepeople last Monday, Cindy had said a bit more about their union. “The marriage will take place on the 15th February ! This will be in Saint-Émilion, and I would only have four months to lose my extra pounds of pregnancy. We wanted an original marriage, so we decided to make a wedding winter. The summer is the wedding season, the marathon, on is on holiday… and then in February, the 13th month and bonuses are often fallen, as a result, I say that people may be more generous“, as we were entrusted.