Companies in the US continue to trade with Huawei despite the prohibitions

The economic war is open between China and the United States, and the country of uncle Sam has decided to tackle particularly to Huawei. It is as well as the Department of Commerce has registered the giant of the high-tech on a list that prevents the purchase of technologies in the us without a special dispensation from the government.

Obviously, the chinese company is not the only one to be penalized. Many us companies work in close cooperation with the manufacturer, who is spending a small fortune in the past. This is particularly the case of the suppliers of electronic components, which may see here from a very big client.

The New York Times indicates that a number of them have tried to plead their cause with the US authorities. Others have decided to bypass the settlement and continue their business, regardless of the risk. It is not a question of anyone since the newspaper cites firms such as Intel and Micron among the ” fraudsters “. The latter would have purchased many of the components manufactured outside of u.s. borders. In total hundreds of millions of dollars in contracts have already been signed for the implementation of the ban.

If these two companies did not want to comment on these statements, the president of the Semiconductor Industry Association has explained that” it is now obvious that some pieces may be sold/provided to Huawei, according to the list of entities and applicable regulations “. A statement a little wave behind which these companies will still be able to conceal.

It would not be appropriate for this situation lasts, because these multinational companies might be tempted to relocate their production overseas, causing the consequence of a reverse of the ban.