Controlled by the Artificial Intelligence, the robotic vacuum cleaner ECOVACS DEEBOT 960 is able to recognize many obstacles !

The DEEBOT OZMO 960 is a robot vacuum cleaner intelligent who uses the new technology AIVI (Artificial Intelligence and Visual Interpretation). Thus, the robot recognizes not only its surroundings to create a plan of cleansing, but it also recognizes many obstacles, such as cables or socks, and is able to avoid them.

This allows not having to store before you start the robot. Until now, the AIVI is able to recognize approximately 500 objects, but his knowledge grow a little more each day. Thanks to the software updates made throughout the year, the robot adds more objects and obstacles in its memory. All data collected by the AIVI comply with the european directives in the field of data protection ; the images are neither stored, nor transferred to third parties. On the basis of volunteerism, however, users can share their data with ECOVACS order to support the learning process and the development of the technology.

In addition to the artificial intelligence of the DEEBOT OZMO 960, ECOVACS has unveiled the new version of its mapping technology and navigation Smart Navi 3.0, and the technology of cleaning, ECOVACS OZMO.

Smart Navi allows you to scan, map, and plan a cleaning path-efficient, thorough and systematic. The technology of cleaning, ECOVACS OZMO also offers to the robots belonging to this range the ability to deal effectively with the dust, and tasks with the help of a water pump, and sensors, control electronics, thus clearing the ground. Note that the latest models DEEBOT are controllable with Google Home and soon Amazon Echo.

For the moment, no price nor availability have been announced by the manufacturer for this new DEEBOT 960 !