Craig Federighi débriefe the announcements from the WWDC 2019

After the presentation, the explanations. Craig Federighi replied, not without mischievousness, to the questions of a handful of media on the novelties presented at the WWDC 2019.

Federico Viticci and Craig Federighi in the studio podcast Apple installed at the WWDC 2019.

The 1990s called, they want their USB flash drives

“We are ready to take into account the years of 1990 and go back in time. “ It is with a dash of humour as the manager of software engineering has addressed the support for USB keys and external hard drives on iOS 13. ” People still use sometimes. I’m personally a fan of AirDrop, but I understand that there are other uses “, he said in the podcast AppStories by Federico Viticci.

“We know that for photographers it is very important to be able to import their photos directly in an app like Lightroom. “ Management supports external storage is accompanied by the ability to import images without using the Photos app from Apple.

Craig Federighi noted that the team from Cupertino has a passionate photo, in the person of Phil Schiller, that does not deprive suggest improvements.

Why, then, did it take so long to be able to connect an ordinary USB key on his iPhone and his iPad ? The answer is related to the security :

From the point of view of the security architecture, we do not want to have the file system drivers that run in the kernel communicate with external media, that could be tampered with. Isolate all of our system files of the kernel has requested a huge engineering effort.

iPadOS is not just marketing

Apple has granted the wish of the fans of iPad : the tablet now has its own operating system… In appearance at least. iPadOS rest is still based on iOS, and many of the new features iPadOS 13 are in fact common to iOS 13.

“Even if [the name] is something of marketing, engineering occupies a very important part, has defended Craig Federighi face to face with John Gruber of Daring Fireball. That is what you want to do with a device that has this type of characteristics ? Things like Split View, Slide Over, and Apple Pencil. “ This name is used ” to recognize what the iPad is really become “, that is to say, an experience quite distinct from that of the iPhone.

The iPad wins over the years, sophisticated functions, like the Slide Over multiple iPadOS 13, but Apple is still watching to add this power gradually and without betraying the simplicity of the original tablet, explained Craig Federighi. The iPad is becoming the first computing device, the first computer — more and more people, primarily children and the elderly, he noted.

Experience iPad must be understandable by everyone, but it has a depth that you can discover to become a pro and really speed up your work.

The Senior Vice President, is also said to spend more time on his iPad on his Mac.

Catalyst will benefit the Mac… and the iPad

Craig Federighi supported Catalyst, the technology allowing developers to easily port their iPad app on a Mac, it would benefit both platforms. Mac side, users will benefit from apps native, more efficient and better integrated than those done with third-party technologies — such as Electron.

The examples given by Apple, however, have raised concerns. Stock exchange, News, voice Recorder, and Home, the first apps from the Catalyst (ex-Marzipan), contain anomalies that the delete apps on Mac traditional.

Podcasts app on macOS Catalina

The ambassador of Cupertino has heard the critics and ensured that this was related to (poor) design decisions, and not to the Catalyst itself. Apple is in the process of finding ” the right balance “ in its ports of iOS apps to the Mac. He wants the proof with the Podcasts app for macOS, Catalina, who has just been the Catalyst, but that you can’t differentiate between of Music, built with the framework of “history” of the Mac, AppKit.

The director of software engineering believes that Catalyst will also push developers to make better apps iPad, because taking into account the windows on a Mac, it is take into account the windows (Slide Over, Split View and multi-window iPadOS 13) on the tablet.

Furthermore, he stated that AppKit would not disappear and remained ” vital “ for the future, and that developers can sell their apps on the Catalyst as well in the Mac App Store as on their website.

The privacy deep in the body

In the different interviews, Craig Federighi is back on the confidentiality measures taken by Apple to ensure the privacy of its customers.

He insisted on the fact that Apple is continuing with its initiatives of machine learning in local, when the ” other guys “ (Google, not to name them) there were only now. And to take the opportunity to highlight the superiority of Apple in the field :

I think they are at a disadvantage because of this is made possible, in part, by the fact of creating the super-material and integrate all the software and hardware. Do this on a fleet of heterogeneous terminals, it is really impossible.

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Greg Joswiak, the head of the product marketing that accompanied Craig Federighi during the podcast, John Gruber has pointed out that Apple was paying attention to privacy ” before it was popular. “

It rolls for the Mac Pro

The Mac Pro is going to have any a range of accessories including… of the wheels. When have known that nothing that the foot of the screen on the Mac Pro costs 999 $, how much will cost the wheels of the tower ? ” How much is a perfect wheel ? “, replied Craig Federighi, a bit teasingly.

The new Mac Pro on its wheels. Credit @raywongy.

Apps that run twice as fast

If iOS 13 is packed with new features, Apple has not forgotten to improve the performance. The applications, in particular, can begin up to two times faster, a record gain from one version to another. Craig Federighi shows that this progress is enabled by various optimizations, in particular concerning the encryption. What to do to earn the iPhone in the famous speed test videos comparing smartphones side-by-side…

A keynote that could have been longer

The keynote seemed long on Monday night ? Apple has yet shortcut. Three hours at the start, Apple has compressed to get it to fit in the 2: 15 p.m., said Greg Joswiak :

We timed each presenter to see how many slides they could do in a minute. Craig is the fastest, by far. At its peak, Craig could do nine slides per minute. It fell to seven in about aging.