Cristina Cordula : Mom stylish and fun with its great Enzo at Roland Garros

This Sunday, marked by the sun and the heat has been the occasion for Cristina Cordula to give a new lesson in style. The facilitator has chosen a look that’s casual chic, consisting of a long shirt dress navy blue associated with a pair of sandals, but also to a straw hat, large hoop earrings and sunglasses very stylish. Not a question to be taken seriously, Cristina Cordula loves to let go and show that it can also be very fun. On his side, Enzo was wearing a white T-shirt, a surchemise blue sky Friend Paris associated with bermuda shorts khaki, a pair of sneakers and a cap. A nice duo mother-son.

Married since June 2017 to businessman Frédéric Cassin, whom she married in Capri (Italy), Cristina Cordula has not always had a love life easy. During an interview with the magazine Gala last February, the facilitator had mentioned his break-up with the father of Enzo. Psychoanalysis saved me. When I am separated from the father of my son, I’m sunk. I had the impression to reproduce the schema of my parents [who had also divorced, ED’s note]. I was living poorly this failure, I was afraid to be alone. I saw my son who was 11 years old suffer. I felt guilty. I was depressed…“, she confided, dropping into his painful past. This love story that ended badly as he has, nevertheless, offered the best gift of all, Enzo.