David Emanuel : The creator of the wedding dress of Diana recasé with a man

With his ex-wife Elizabeth, who was his wife from 1976 until their separation in 1990, the mood is so deleterious that they can’t even be in the same room and communicate exclusively through two children – Ollie, 39 years old, and Eloise, 38 years old – they have had together. But David Emanuel is a happy man, happy with one man : the british designer, aged 66, has revealed a few days ago, in the course of an evening, to be in a relationship with his partner, David Byrne.

Yes, it is true, we are together“, confirmed with pleasure, in remarks reported by Katie Hind in the Sunday edition of the Daily Mail, the fashion designer remained famous for having made the wedding dress of Lady Diana on the occasion of her marriage to prince Charles in 1981. And to add : “This is not in itself a coming out story, but now that I’m with David, he helps me in my business, and we form a couple.” Moreover, it is with David Byrne that he attended last October at the wedding of princess Eugenie of York, at Windsor. As to what you think about his ex-wife : “I don’t know if Elizabeth is aware of and I don’t care.” That is clear : the relations are still not heated up between the two ex-spouses.

David and Elizabeth Emanuel had been a publicity dazzling in 1981 after having designed the dress of princess Diana for her wedding with the prince of Wales, a dress color ivory taffeta with lace, embroidery, sequins and 10,000 pearls, and a train of more than seven meters long – the longest of any royal weddings, as requested by Diana. After their break-up in 1990, Elizabeth had left the marital home and each had conducted his activities in his side, David creating his manufacturing company. The latter had experienced a resurgence of media coverage in 2013 by participating in the English version of the reality tv show I’m a celebrity, get me out of there.

Columnist Katie Hind relates that, during a recent celebration in which he was a part of the palace of Kensingon, David Emanuel, made no mystery of his aversion to his former wife : “I have just learned that she is on the guest list. If it happens, I will be going, was there released. I can’t stand these people who get along very well with their ex and go on holiday with. It rhymes with what ? If you go so well together and you like them so much, why divorce ? I’m happy now, incredibly proud of my two children and nothing has changed, to tell the truth.” They had, however, managed to mingle while remaining civilized in front of queen Elizabeth II in march 2010, during a reception at the Victoria and Albert Museum at Buckingham palace.