Death of Morgane Rolland, crushed by a tractor : his beloved realize their dream

It is a message tearing that Teddy, companion, Morgane Rolland – second dauphine to Miss Loire, and Miss Country corresponded to 2017 –, died on the 26th of April at the age of 22 years, wrote on his account Instagram. Inconsolable, the darling of the pretty brunette who was struck by a tractor under his eyes during a ride the bike has realized their dream this weekend. A new tribute upsetting.

The couple shared a lot of things, it had above all a common passion, the sport. As stated by Teddy in a post published on the night of Sunday 2 June, the “primary source” of their meeting was the triathlon. It was in July, 2017. Morgane and he had a project to do the Triathlon Aurec (Haute-Loire) and, having never done a triathlon before, the miss was driven hard, very hard to be at the height. “To do a triathlon with his girlfriend, this is not common, but what is it that it’s beautiful…“, wrote Teddy. And further : “The days go by, our training build up and it was enough riding for the world is collapsing in front of my yeux… Why today, why here, why you ? Questions that haunt me daily because I don’t want to believe it, I don’t want to admit it, I want you to stay with me to support me and to accomplish our many projects…

To pay tribute to his girlfriend, the athlete was required to participate Sunday, June 2, at the famous Triathlon Aurec. “Qeu do, cancel everything and be a spectator of our project ? Where to take on me, keep the registration and make this race ? Despite your departure, which remains horrible to admit it, I took it upon myself and I have maintained our registration for this triathlon, because I had to do it, to cross that finish line for you because you did not expect it since so many months, years… I threw myself in these three disciplines with the fierceness, the rage, and a pair of exception to make the best time, so that you will be proud of us, of me, you routes from where you are that I am strong for you and just for you !“, he explains.

A race attended by the family and friends of Morgane Rolland.