Demi Lovato : Her dealer arrested with heroin and ketamine

This is what is called karma. Brandon Johnson, the man who had delivered a dose of drugs almost fatal to Demi Lovato without ever having been worried about, has been arrested for shoplifting. According to the information of TMZ.comin the searching, the police recovered heroin and ketamine.

In the report of complaint, that our fellow americans have been able to consult, the dealer is being prosecuted for three charges : sale and possession of heroin and ketamine, and then shoplifting. He was reportedly arrested while he was trying to steal the products “luxury” of the big sign american Macy’s.

Judicial sources learn to Brandon Johnson came in during the month of June in the macy’s in the San Fernando Valley (California, Usa), he took a backpack from Michael Kors, jeans, a sweatshirt Puma and then he was gone in a fitting room. The former close to Demi Lovato is out with the backpack only before trying to leave the store, but security has caught up. indicates that there were nearly 440 worth of goods “stolen“, i.e. around 400 euros.