Dennis Quaid, 65 years old, in a relationship with Laura Savoy, a student of 26 years

Dennis Quaid likes pretty blondes. Photographed at the exit of the restaurant Craig’s in Los Angeles, the actor was accompanied by a very pretty creature on may 14, 2019. Their relationship seems to be clearly in love since Dennis Quaid stood proudly and firmly in his hand in front of the photographers. This young woman has been identified by the american media : it’s called Laura Savoie and would be 26 years old. A native of Saint-Louis (Missouri), it is not his first well-known player since it is the ex of actor Jeremy Piven (53 years).

Men prefer blondes…

Graduate student of Pepperdine University, where she was one of the best of its promo, but also holds a master’s degree at the University of Notre Dame, Laura Savoy, according to the magazine People, is now studying for a phd in accounting at the McCombs School of Business the University of Texas. Dennis Quaid and Laura Savoy have been dating for a few months, notes the american publication, and Laura Savoie would have already published a few photos with Dennis Quaid on his account Instagram (private). One of them would be a shot where the couple poses entwined, with the caption : “Never been so happy.

For his part, Dennis Quaid has a great pedigree and all his conquests are… blondes, of course. He has recently separated from the model Santa Auzina (32 years old). Previously, he was married to Kimberly Buffington, the mother of his twins Thomas and Zoe, 11 years old. He was also married (1991 to 2002) with Meg Ryan, with whom he had a son, Jack, 27 years old, and PJ Soles (1978 to 1983). Interviewed by Metro on romantic relationships, Dennis Quaid, said : “After your separation, after the end of your relationship, the emotions once inflamed subside over the years and you completely forget. Then, you look back with affection.